Baltic Brown
Sapphire Brown
New Caledonia
Tropic Brown
Blue Pearl
Tan Brown
Blue Eyes
Juparana Indian Gold
Volga Blue
Almond Mauve
Juparana Columbo
Costa Esmeralda
Emerald Pearl
Green Rose
Verde Lavrus
Uba Tuba
Verde Tunas
Verde Butterfly
Verde San Francisco
Kashmir White
Bianco Sardo
Kashmir Gold
Golden Beach
Giallo Napoleone
Giallo Florence
Giallo Santa Cecilia
Giallo Ornamental
Black Galaxy
Giallo Veneziano
New Venetian Gold
Absolute  Black  
Granite Choices......
Although I have my favorites...... and have some slabs in stock....
I work with all the local Natural Tile and Stone Slab Yards so that You are able to choose the exact Slabs or Tile that you want in
Your House.... You can call me first or You can Shop where you like.....  Pick a Slab or Tile for Your project....... If Slabs, Tell them
that  Morgan Tile & Stoneworks  is your Fabricator and you would like to place the material on hold.....    Contact me,  I'll pass on my
(fabricators / contractors) discount to your choices, give you a fair and honest quote on your project and then  make You another
Satisfied Customer ...  I have No Sales staff and rarely get beat on price.